Foam Fire Extinguishing Systems

Foam Fire Extinguishing System

Pěnové hasicí zařízení

Foam systems are usually designed for extinguishing fires of flammable liquids and plastics with foam that is applied by various types of spray nozzles or equipment to the surface of flammable liquids, exposed objects or in a protected area.

The main extinguishing effect of low and medium foaming foams is insulating. It consists in restricting the access of oxygen to the surface of a flammable liquid. It is also accompanied by a cooling effect, which decreases with the foaming number, as well as the heat resistance of the foam. The principle of extinguishing with light foam is based on the suffocating effect of expelling oxygen from the protected space.

Possible applications where foam extinguishing systems can be used:

  • Fuel tank storage protection 
  • Refineries
  • Solvents depots
  • Chemical storage - flammable liquids
  • Aluminium production
  • Fire protection for helicopters on oil rigs
  • On cargo ships for flammable liquids
  • In ship engine rooms
  • Ship loaders for loading and unloading
  • Paint booths
  • Engine test rooms
  • Tyre storage / tyre production
  • Fire protection in tunnels (road and railway)
  • Fuel oil pumps in production of wooden panels
  • Spark extinguishing systems
  • Cotton storage
  • Leather tanneries
  • Brown and black coal mines
  • Forest fire fighting
  • Paper manufacturing and processing, printing machines, paper warehouses
  • Plastic production
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